To prepare for closing, we need you to send us these items by:


Fax: (617) 737-9123


Prior to closing, we need the following:

  • Payoff Authorization. Please download and return a Payoff Authorization forms:
  • Homeowner's Insurance Binder and receipt showing full payment of the first year's premium. If you would like a recommendation for where to obtain coverage, please give us a call right away. 


At the closing, all Borrowers must attend and bring the following:

  • Funds due from Borrower at Closing. As soon as we receive the final closing package from your lender a day or so prior to closing, we will inform you of the exact amount you must bring to the closing. THESE AMOUNTS MAY ONLY BE PAID AS FOLLOWS:
    • By wire: We strongly recommend payment by wire. If you would like to pay by wire, please contact us in advance for our wiring instructions.
    • Check: While we recommend paying by wire, you may also pay by a personal check made payable to yourself, which you will endorse to our office at closing. If a large amount is due, we may require a certified bank check. 
  • Valid Photo ID. Current Drivers License, Passport, U.S. Military I.D.


Title Insurance

Your lender will be obtaining a Lender's Policy of Title Insurance to protect it's mortgage loan to you. This policy will only protect the Lender's interest in your property; it will not provide coverage to you as an owner. If you do not already have an owner's policy, we strongly recommend that you purchase one - a one-time premium paid at closing - to protect your ownership from possible title defects. Please let us know right away if you would like an owner's policy of title insurance, or give us a call if you would like to discuss this further: (617) 737-9100.  

Declaration of Homestead

In Massachusetts, a homeowner can protect up to $500,000 of the equity in his or her principal residence from the claims of certain creditors by recording a Declaration of Homestead at the local Registry of Deeds.  Joint owners of a principal residence who are elderly (age 62 or older) or disabled can protect up to $1,000,000 of the equity in their principal residence. 
     If you have recently purchased your home, then it is likely that your attorney prepared and recorded a Declaration of Homestead at the time of the closing.  However, this not always the case.  If you would like to know if you have a Declaration of Homestead on your principal residence, then give us a call and we will conduct a courtesy search of your local Registry of Deeds and let you know if your home is protected. If not, then we will let you know whether or not your property is eligible for protection. We’ll take care of the rest for $85.00, which includes the Registry of Deeds filing fee of $35.00. 


The above items may not be a complete list of items needed from you depending on the circumstances of your particular transaction. If you have any questions, please give us a call at (617) 737-9100 or send us an email: