Reviewing Plans and Applications for Zoning Relief

On January 21st, Michael Broderick of the Law Office of Edward Fegreus attended a Boston Bar Association event on reviewing and analyzing plans and applications for zoning relief. The program, presented by Patrick Allard of WilmerHale, focused on how attorneys involved in the land use permitting and approval process can approach site plan review to maximize value for clients. Various aspects of the attorney's role in the development process were discussed, including the attorney's duty to review site plans for compliance with local zoning code and technical requirements. Mr. Allard concluded by emphasizing the importance of the attorney's understanding of project details and context. 

Edward Fegreus has decades of experience obtaining zoning and permitting approvals for Massachusetts developers. Associate Michael Broderick has reviewed and analyzed dozens of site plans for technical and legal compliance. Together, they provide counsel in the land use approval process by developing a deep understanding of client projects, from the minute details to the larger development context, and ensuring that client plans meet the numerous legal criteria required by the relevant permitting authorities. If you are a developer in need of legal guidance for your next project, please give us a call today to schedule a detailed discussion of our services.